Although we are available for urgent care, we are not an emergency clinic and are not staffed overnight or prepared for emergency surgery or intensive care cases.

We try to accommodate our clients urgent care needs and we have a few urgent care appointments available from 8am – 7pm.  Please call the clinic ahead of time so we may be prepared for your pet’s arrival.

We are still recommending referral to the local emergency clinic if your pet is likely to require after-hours surgery, monitoring, or experiencing a life threatening emergency. If you are not sure if you pet should be seen here or at the emergency clinic, feel free to call and consult with our veterinarian on duty. Examples of cases that we would be able to handle for urgent care include porcupine quills, minor lacerations, abscesses, urinary tract infections, and ear infections. Patients will be examined on a first come-first serve basis, with the exception that more severe problems may take precedence.

After 8pm we refer all small animal emergencies to the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (VESH).