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Our clinic was initially founded in 1952 by Dr. David Baldwin at its current location. The building has a lot of history and was the first post office in Dummerston in 1815 and prior to that was a tavern! Dr. Baldwin was joined in 1962 by Dr. J. Clyde Johnson. At that time it was primarily a livestock and equine clinic and serviced the local Standardbred racetrack as well. Many things have changed, but we still have a strong tradition of having committed veterinarians who are with us for the long term.

A wide range of services available

We offer veterinary services ranging from soft tissue surgery to behavioral counselling. We treatĀ  cats, dogs, and equine pets!

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AtĀ Vermont New Hampshire Vet Clinic we are grateful to have the support of so many partners that really make our service to you as strong as it is. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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