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One year in a dog or cat’s life is roughly equivalent to 5-7 years of a human’s life. Large or giant breed dogs, in general, age faster and live shorter lives than smaller breeds. A 10 year old Labrador Retriever is roughly equivalent to a 70 year old human! We consider cats over the age of 10 and dogs over the age of 8 (giant breeds over the age of 6) to be seniors.

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For senior pets, we are recommending a physical examination every 6 months to enable us to pick up health conditions sooner and improve your pet's quality of life. Because pets age so much faster than humans, it is very important to detect illnesses in the early stage of the disease. The physical exam and owner observations are the basic tools that we use to monitor dogs and cats for problems. More thorough monitoring can be done if we incorporate blood testing, urinalysis and blood pressure monitoring into a senior pet’s wellness examination. You can view / download our Senior Pet Symptom Checklist for dogs or cats as well to bring to your pets appointment!

We understand that senior pets are a treasured part of the family and we want to help keep them healthy and happy. Our recommendations are based on your individual pet's needs and also the AAHA Guidelines for Senior Pet Health.

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