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Equine Dentistry

We can provide dental care for your horse on the farm or at our equine facility. Many horses need regular preventive dental maintenance every 1-2 years. Unlike people, horses' teeth have an eruption rate of 2-3mm per year. The teeth should wear in correspondence to yearly eruption rate. Malocclusions, or improper position of the jaw or teeth, can lead to uneven wear and discomfort for the horse.

Identifying dental problems early is important. There are many problems that may be related to poor dental health in the horse: loss of food while eating; grain in water bucket; difficulty chewing or excess salivation; loss of body condition; large undigested food particles in manure; head tilting or tossing; bit chewing; foul odor from the mouth or nostrils; or nasal discharge or swelling of the face. Other horses may not show noticeable signs, because they just simply adapt to their discomfort.

We recommend yearly evaluation of your horses' teeth to avoid some of these problems. Should your horse require dental maintenance or "floating" we have available both hand and power floats, and if needed will sedate your horse to do a thorough oral exam and any floating that may be needed to maintain your horse's oral health. Check out our photos below of some interesting dental cases!

TJ.jpg horsedental3.jpg

Miniature horses and donkeys especially need to have routine dental exams and care as they are more prone to having an abnormal bite with dental abnormalities.The above photo on the right is of a rescued mini horse with severely overgrown premolars causing discomfort! Dr. Johnson was able to help her tremendously by reducing these teeth.


This is a 2 year old with a severe overbite of the upper jaw (parrot mouth) with large hooks formed on his upper molars as a result.

horsedental6.jpg horsedental7.jpg
While it will never be perfect, with regular dental care his bite has improved.   

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